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Triangle Mill
Triangle Mill
Triangle Mill at night
Triangle Mill at night
Aerial view
Aerial view - Triangle fields
Hippo Valley
Hippo Valley


Triangle Sugar

Triangle Limited is an agri-based sugar company situated in the south-east lowveld of Zimbabwe, 445 km south east of the capital city of Harare, and is wholly owned by The Tongaat Hulett Group.

Murray MacDougall, assisted by Tom Dunuza founded the company in 1919 to ranch cattle but a severe downturn in the economy during the post World War 1 recession led Triangle into crop production in the late 1920s. The main crop cultivated was wheat but Triangle started growing sugar cane in 1934 with only 18 hectares under irrigation. This is a far cry from the current 13 927 hectares at Triangle Estate, the 4 650 hectares at Mkwasine and 1 916 hectares at Mwenezana.

The first sugar-processing mill in Zimbabwe was opened at Triangle on 11 September 1939. Numerous problems followed, which saw the Government taking over the company in 1944. In 1954 a South African company, the Natal Syndicate purchased Triangle, only to be taken over in 1957 by Guy Hulett who was running a business consortium in Natal. This marked the beginning of the Tongaat Hulett association with Triangle.

Triangle's incredible expansion was started in the early 1960's, with the development of water storage and conveyance infrastructures for the irrigation of sugar cane. Triangle currently crushes around 2,5 million tonnes of cane, producing up to 320 000 tonnes of raw sugar per year, of which 90000 tonnes is refined. In addition, an alcohol plant attached to the sugar factory annually produces up to 25 million litres of industrial grade rectified spirit from molasses, for sale predominantly into Europe. A livestock unit is also part of the company's operations, with up to 9 600 head of cattle being ranched on the Triangle estates.

Triangle has a fully developed value chain, which places emphasis on quality, from the inbound logistics to the after-sales service in a bid to maximise customer satisfaction with the Huletts and SunSweet sugar brands. In addition, Triangle is a major earner of foreign exchange for Zimbabwe through the export of sugar and alcohol products.

Corporate Social Investment is an area towards which Triangle directs great efforts, recognising the significance of both the internal and external stakeholders, and assistance is provided to the communities in which Triangle operates, supporting projects to sustain people's livelihood. The company provides the means for employees to continuously better themselves and in the process improve the welfare of all residents at Triangle.

A Socio-Economic Development Programme focuses Triangle's contribution towards the indigenisation of the economy, through continued settlement of company-owned land under cane, support given to emergent sugar cane farmers, expansion of sugar production at Triangle to in excess of 500 000 tonnes per annum once the Tokwe-Mukorsi dam is constructed, and facilitation of greater food security in the lowveld of Zimbabwe, Triangle seeks to act as a catalyst for sustainable development and wealth creation in partnership with Government.

Triangle's vision is to continue expanding sugar production in the lowveld of Zimbabwe, thereby significantly contributing towards the growth of The Tongaat Hulett Group and Zimbabwe.

Triangle Production Capacities


The Triangle Mill has two separate crushing lines (throughput based on cane of 15% fibre)

Ethanol plant
Ethanol plant

  • BMA diffuser rated at 300TCH*
  • 6 mill 66 milling tandem rated at 160TCH

* TCH = Tons of Cane per Hour


The refinery is rated at 60,000t of white sugar per annum and utilises a 3 boiling system after a carbflotation process. This produces a bottler quality grade refined sugar.

Alcohol Plant

The alcohol plant takes the final molasses from the sugar production operation and then through a fermentation process followed by distillation and molecular sieve dehydration. This process produces fuel grade alcohol at a rate of 120,000 litres per day.

Hippo Valley

Triangle Sugar Corporation Limited acquired a 50,35% stake in Hippo Valley Estates Limited on the 6th of December 2006. Hippo Valley is the second largest producer of sugar in Zimbabwe. Founded in 1956, the company is located in Chiredzi in south-eastern Zimbabwe. The company started as a citrus estate, and canned Hippo Valley fruit was exported across southern Africa until the 1970s, when the citrus estate was replanted under sugarcane and a mill constructed. The sugar plantations cover 124 square kilometres, and the company employs around 8,000 people. Part of the estate was listed for compulsory acquisition by the Government of Zimbabwe under its land reform programme.

Hippo Valley is an estate bordering the Triangle estate, and with Triangle is an equal shareholder in the Mkwasine estate. The company is listed on the Zimbabwean Stock Exchange (under the ticker HIPPO). Tongaat Hulett Limited is the largest shareholder via it's wholly-owned subsidiary Triangle Sugar Corporation Limited. Other shareholders include Tate & Lyle (10%). Tongaat Hulett is owned 38% by Anglo American Corporation South Africa (Pty) Ltd.